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About Us

01. What Do We Do?

The STEM & Leaf Corps is an education-based outreach initiative with two main goals.


First, we aim to maximize the potential of each and every student we work at the primary and secondary education levels. To meet the demand of our students, we offer high-level educational outreach in the form of Project-Based Learning, AP/IB Review Sessions, National Science Bowl Lectures, STAAR specific small-group sessions, and concept-driven tutoring at all levels free-of-charge.


Second, we aim to give our high achieving undergraduate students from various disciplines the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in instruction, leadership, and communication while stimulating an interest in the incorporation of teaching into their future careers. Thus, all of our programs are conceived, implemented, and innovated upon completely by our members.

"Education for the students, by the students." ~ William Kariampuzha, Tutor of The STEM & Leaf Corps

02. How Did We Begin?

We began as a humble group of seven students from Texas Tech with a passion for STEM. Over the course of several semesters, we have expanded to incorporate student volunteers in a variety of disciplines, such as Criminology, History, Cell and Molecular Biology, and Mathematics.

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03. Who Do We Affiliate With?

In the Greater Lubbock Community we are partnered with 

  • East Lubbock Promise Neighborhood Program

  • Communities in Schools

  • Lubbock High School

  • Estacado High School

  • Hutchinson Middle School

  • Smylie Wilson Middle School

  • Atkins Middle School

  • The Guadalupe-Sommerville Center

  • The Parkway-Sommerville Center

  • Southcrest Christian School 

  • Commander William McCool Academy

At Texas Tech University, we are gracious to receive the support of

  • Dr. Michael San Francisco, Former Dean and Professor of the Honors College

  • Chad Cain, Senior Academic Advisor of the Honors College 

  • Dr. Lane Sobehrad, Professor in College of Education

We currently affiliate primarily with the Honors College at Texas Tech University, although any high-achieving student is welcome to join!

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